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Release am 25.10.2018

Doctor This - Tragedy (UK)
OdioSocial - motoredson (BR)
Disturbance - Exhale the Peroxide (NL)
Reagan Burger - Cold War (FR)
The Discarded - Toxic Reasons (CA)
Antigua Herejia - Escarpase de los cristianos (CL)
The Rainbow Puke - Balkan Sep 21 (HU)
Fehl-Tritt - Nous Sommes Unis! (LU)
Bury MIA - Stereos (US)
Kouristos - Vuoristorata (FI)
Sick Puck - Suffocate (FI)
Borderpaki - Abgesang (S-DK)
Missiles of October - No brain, no headache (BE)
[P.U.T.] - In control (BE)
Gravehuffer - Your fault (US)
Crude Caress - Encierro (CH)
Maggot Bath - Wet bandits (AU)
Husmanskost - Funding both sides (NO)
Vandaltrybe - Again & aganist (IT)
The Great Lie - Do more, say less (US)
The End of Ernie - Virtual nightmare (BE)
The Kreutzer Sonata - Lost at night (US)
TRUTH EQUALS TREASON - And the bombs keep falling (UK)
The Zsa Zsa Garbor´s - Keep on fighting (AT)
Neuroot - obuy and die! (NL)
Nova Bomb - Modern emotion (UK)